People in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, who make publicity a lifestyle. And a style of forging partnerships with positive results for all those involved.


That is way it really is different at Prática: we know that the best results are not just in theory. We join creativity with execution. And the result is an agency which is able to provide immediate and long-lasting changes, so that your brand is seen.







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The Agency Practice is an important part in the evolution (...)

Rodrigo - Xico da Carne.

(...) undertake projects and achieved good results (...)

Eldo - Magnum

Márcia - Magnum

(...) therefore, we are great partners.

Fábio Machado
Fábio Machado

Fábio Machado Strategist, idealist and producer at Agência Prática since 2007. Degree in Marketing (Belo Horizonte University - UNI-BH), Specialist in Administration (Getulio Vargas Foundation - FGV), MBA in Human Development for Managers (underway at FGV). New projects: +55 31 2532 2346 ou +55 31 7131-5293


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